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Browse Others - Desktop Enhancements : 151-200 programs listed after popularity

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  • cedarsector  151)   cedarsector 1.0
    This application,"cedarsector", is a password utility on your desktop for home exercise equipment and other product promotion.

  • cedarmap  152)   cedarmap 1.0
    This application,"cedarmap", is a multi-purpose desktop utility for home exercise equipment and other product promotion.

  • backitup.2  154)   backitup.2 1
    back up data accross platforms and all typs of computers and networks

  • netiron  155)   netiron 1.011
    netiron, foundry netiron, Save up to 80% to 90% on refurbished Cisco routers and used Cisco switches.

  • Sinaps Comfort  156)   Sinaps Comfort 2.1.24
    Sinaps Comfort provides a nifty way to quickly access the shortcuts and files stored on your desktop.

  • advantagesector  157)   advantagesector 1.0
    This application,"PCLoupe", magnifies upright cycle and other product images.

  • PC Satellite TV Advertising Wizard  158)   PC Satellite TV Advertising Wizard 1.0
    PC Satellite TV Advertising Wizard. There are programs for Linux that allows a person to watch television through his or her PC using a TV tuner or a Satellite receiver card DVB-S.

  • RC Helicopters  159)   RC Helicopters 1.0
    Advertising wizard. RC Helicopters or Radio Controlled helicopters are model aircraft which are distinct from RC airplanes because of the differences in construction, aerodynamics, and flight training.

  • Disposable Cameras CompanyPassword Keepe  160)   Disposable Cameras CompanyPassword Keepe 1.0
    Disposable Camera Company Password Keeper manages ALL your IDs, passwords, links and many other details related to that particular account in just one software. It is a desktop application that is fuss free, functional, and saves you tons of money t

  • Snipe-To-Win Auction Sniper for eBay  161)   Snipe-To-Win Auction Sniper for eBay 4.0.1
    Snipe-To-Win can take you to the next level and make you a winning eBay bidder. Don't you want to enjoy the thrill of winning auctions for a change? Audio alerts notify you when you have won an auction.

  • Touch Alarm Free  162)   Touch Alarm Free 1.8.0
    A convenient, iPhone-style alarm clock can be quickly set with a finger, scrolling hours and minutes. The big figures reduce the possibility of mistakes; there is also a rich variety of skins to fit any taste.

  • cedarbog  163)   cedarbog 1.0
    This application,"cedarbog", displays shortcuts on your desktop for home exercise equipment and other product promotion.

  • bitorrentbooster  164)   bitorrentbooster 1.1
    BiTorrentBooster is a must-have utility for all Bit Torrent P2P users.The reason lies in its capacity to enhance the speed of your downloads. Tired of Leech Pauses, Slow Download Speeds, Torrents that take days to download?

  • upright cycle  166)   upright cycle 1.0
    This application, "projekr", is a project management program for upright cycles, bicycles, and other topics.

  • crucible  167)   crucible 1.0
    This application,"ekr", compares text between two upright cycle sources and others for duplications in character sequences.

  • advanceweb  168)   advanceweb 1.0
    This application,"SnapShot", takes screenshots for upright cycle and other product images.

  • summitspring  169)   summitspring 1.0
    This application,"DirectoryFileList", transfers Directory File List detail for stationary cycle product promotion and others.

  • cedarsmith  170)   cedarsmith 1.0
    This application,"cedarsmith", performs music tool calculations for home exercise equipment and other product promotion.

  • cedarspring  171)   cedarspring 1.0
    This application,"cedarspring", organizes memory stick content for home exercise equipment and other product promotion.

  • cedarlane  172)   cedarlane 1.0
    This application,"cedarlane", saves memos jotted down on your desktop for home exercise equipment and other product promotion.

  • online marketing company  173)   online marketing company 1
    Puzzle game interactive for one or two players teases your brain and you can compete with your friends.

  • e-postit.1  174)   e-postit.1 1
    digital post it notes for your desktop dont forget your appointments replace those pesky bits of paper

  • Online Clock  175)   Online Clock 2
    On the road without an alarm clock handy? if you have Internet access, you have a basic alarm clock available at Just open it in a separate browser window, make sure your laptop is set to remain awake, crank up the volume.

  • OffMon  176)   OffMon 1.0.0
    OffMon's purpose is the most effective usage of the energy-saving standby monitor mode. With the help of this software monitor will be switched off immediately as it may be required without waiting for long-lasting time delays of the system.

  • Basic Screen Recorder  177)   Basic Screen Recorder 1.47
    Basic Screen Recorder is a FREEWARE screen recording software which can record any on-screen activity of your windows desktop along with audio and save the recording as a compressed AVI file directly and convert it into flash format with the free onl

  • SmileysToolbar  178)   SmileysToolbar 1.1
    Express yourself with tons of cool and funky smileys using This cool SmileysToolbar will add a toolbar to your browser (Internet Explorer and FireFox) and allows you to insert smileys into your messages (Email,Socials,forum post

  • Pixy Professional  180)   Pixy Professional 4
    Find the colour of a pixel. With a simple Follow Mouse function, you can see exactly the colour of the pixel your mouse is pointing at

  • Desktop Gather  181)   Desktop Gather 2.1.3
    Desktop Gather is a complex perfect assistant that help you manage daily diary, documents and optimize PC system. You can also entertain with the incidental tools.Besides,Desktop Gather can help you manage daily diary, set alarm for the system etc.

  • DeskClear  182)   DeskClear 1.1.0
    DeskClear allows you to quickly and easily hide and restore your desktop icons and windows. Just one keystroke does it. Keeps your desktop clean and clutter free without slowing you down at all.

  • cedararrow  183)   cedararrow 1.0
    This application,"cedararrow", runs commands on your desktop and helps configure your system for home exercise equipment and other product promotion.

  • Hide My Windows: Christmas Edition  184)   Hide My Windows: Christmas Edition 1.9.5
    It's created mostly for people working in the office, whose computer activity is usually under strict control. It hides or closes games, entertainment web pages, private documents and other windows or applications that a user need to hide.

  • A Brighter Side of Life  185)   A Brighter Side of Life 1.0
    A lighter and brighter look at life and what its all about. Some comedy and some quirky aspects of every day life. Designed to break the boredom and mundane aspects of every day life, give us a try, these eLerts will enrich your life.

  • EG Glass  186)   EG Glass 1.0
    Screen magnifying glass for pocket PCs. The capacities: useful interface, adjust of brightness and contrast of the pictures, peek of the color in point, determination of the image size, optional antialiasing of the picture, skin change.

  • Ultimate Copy Paste  187)   Ultimate Copy Paste 1.0
    Ultimate copy paste is a windows multi clipboard enhancement which allows you to copy, cut and paste multiple times and recall them individually as needed, when needed. You can select copied object from window or by pressing keystrokes.

  • Desk Topmost  188)   Desk Topmost 1.00
    Desk Topmost can let desktop float on the top instead of minimizing all windows.

  • Taskbar Helper  189)   Taskbar Helper 2.1
    Taskbar Helper is designed to help users eliminate clutter in the taskbar when many applications are open on the desktop. Once installed, the utility lets you hide applications from view, or minimize to the system tray (near the system clock).

  • SimpleMagnifier  190)   SimpleMagnifier 1.8.1
    Easy to use computer screen magnifier. Featuring magnify zoom levels up to 10x within a moveable and sizeable lens window, SimpleMagnifier helps you see web pages, e-mail, pictures, icons and more.

  • Facebook themes  191)   Facebook themes 2.20
    This is the most popular facebook themes collections of the world. You can use these themes for customize your facebook profile.

  • goldencircle  193)   goldencircle 1.0
    This application,"kupr", generates coupon codes for promoting your creatine products and others.

  • cdcove  194)   cdcove 1.0
    This application,"rkr", rewrites articles on creatine and other products.

  • summitsector  195)   summitsector 1.0
    This application,"recipe4win", finds and compares world recipes from a database for stationary cycle promotion.

  • wireless mobile broadband  196)   wireless mobile broadband 1
    Mobile supervisor for pocket and hand held devices.Organise your self with your mobile device or smartphone.

  • cedarlode  197)   cedarlode 1.0
    This application,"cedarlode", is a reference of facts on your desktop for home exercise equipment and other product promotion.

  • cedarhaven  198)   cedarhaven 1.0
    This application,"cedarhaven", is a reference of facts on your desktop for home exercise equipment and other product promotion.

  • cedarbrook  199)   cedarbrook 1.0
    This application,"cedarbrook", prints a screenshot of your desktop for home exercise equipment and other product promotion.

  • cedarfire  200)   cedarfire 1.0
    This application,"cedarfire", displays blue screen of death crash information for home exercise equipment and other product promotion.

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